Cups of Cake!

They say New York City starts the trends which then trickle over to L.A. This was certainly the case with cupcakes. Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan had such a following that it was featured in Sex and the City, and showcased in the "Special Features" section of the box set. Then in 2010, Magnolia Bakery set up shop on 3rd St. in Los Angeles.

Not to mention the countless cupcakeries that have popped up all over LaLa Land. Yummy Cupcakes has the most exquisite batter and frosting, Cupcakes Couture have an outstanding presentation and Suzie Cakes stands apart because their cupcakes have homemade filling. We've become so advanced, that I recently enjoyed a bacon & peanut butter cupcake with banana frosting. No, seriously.

But I must give a shout out to the newest innovators of cupcakedom, the B Sweet Cupcake Bar. They come to your party and build a cupcake bar. With homemade cake batter like beer-flavored, frostings like peppermint and toppings such as coconut and Reece's Pieces, they are abusively onto something. It was a real treat, and if you're throwing a party in Los Angeles, they are a must.