L.A. Going to the Dogs

Dogs are the Los Angeles answer to the Manhattan cat. The Big Apple is stacked with box-like studio apartments, occupied by lonely-but-thankful-to-not-have-any-more-crazy-roommate types; perfect for felines. Los Angeles has wide-open spaces and a population with an innate need to tan - dog heaven.

Being a dog owner myself, I'm thankful for the hiking trails and dog beaches Los Angeles has to offer. But it's out of this very town that a creepy dog fetish is sprouting. The hipster in me wants to say it's cool and ironic, except that it's actually happening.

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Autumn. Sigh.

East Coasters find a lot of things to complain about in Los Angeles, but on one subject they always remain mum: skipping harsh winters. Wintry holidays at home sound glorious in a Bing Crosby song, but in reality that icy air hurts as much as your annoying aunt in the reindeer sweater. Everyone has one and you know who I'm taking about. Cold is only really worth it if there's snow, and that I can get in Big Bear.

But I do miss autumn. The crisp air, the changing leaves and the smell of burning firewood. There's nothing like that electric atmosphere, promising good things to come; Halloween, chic fall wardrobe and the holidays.

They say that when you first move to Los Angeles the seasons don't seem to change, and that the longer you live here, the more you'll notice the subtleties. Thankfully it's true.

Believe it or not the temperature does drop. We have trees in our yard with actual leaves that change color and spin to the ground. In the concrete jungles of Hollywood and South Central, these subtleties are easy to miss. In our lush and unnaturally wooded neighborhood, you can catch a glimpse. Some of my neighbors were even gracious enough to plant Japanese maples, which turn a fiery red. They stack pumpkins on their porches and build fires at night, filling the evening air with the smell of home and hearth.

For any of you homesick for the Eastern seaboard, drive through the neighborhood streets north of Ventura in Studio City, or take a day trip to Big Bear. Before the snow falls, you'll see a rainbow of colors amidst the pines. For a quick fix, check out these lovely shots of my hometown neighborhood. This is in Virginia just outside of D.C.


If DJ AM and DJ Shadow had a baby...

...it would cry like this.

How come no one ever told me about Pretty Lights? And just how long has this been going on, people? They were at Coachella and everything.

I caught them at the West Beach Festival in Santa Barbara, and I was floored. As of now, you can dowload up to 64 FREE SONGS on their official website. What are you waiting for?


Grub - A Hub for those who Lub Good Food

Grub. Such a coarse word for the foodie paradise I am about to describe. Tucked away in a studio neighborhood, Grub doesn't need a big sign or heavy foot traffic to get bodies in the door. Quality comfort food and a serene setting pulls in devotees from all over the city. From importing blue cheese from Wisconsin to finding the thickest, crispiest bacon and putting it in practically everything, we love their food and it loves us back.

Me & the crew about to do some serious damage...

Their famous Hershey Bar sandwiches with bacon, a recipe from manager Melissa Fosse Dunne's (below) own mother, was just the beginning...

There was...

The After School Special: creamy tomato soup and a gooey, buttery grilled cheese sandwich

Potato chip cookies with chocolate chips

Rosemary steak sandwich with Gorgonzola & roasted potatoes...

Breakfast sandwich with French toast croissant bread and maple syrup...

And of course, the famous Hershey Bar & bacon sandwich!