Best Doughnuts in L.A.

In college I worshipped at the altar of Krispy Kreme. Since moving to Los Angeles, I've been obsessed with the bacon maple glazed doughnuts at Nickel Diner.

But there's a new sheriff in town. Waterloo and City's Bourbon Glazed Doughnuts are so delicious, they're abusive. Everything you taste for days afterward will seem lackluster; almost wooden.

Words cannot describe it, but I will try. The glaze only has a slight hint of bourbon but is sticky sweet, slightly salty, and the crust has a microthin layer of crispiness. Once you bite in, the yielding, fluffy interior is piping hot and almost creamy. It comes with a side of bourbon glaze and white icing. But it needs neither of these. You can't mess with perfection.

Below, you'll see shots of other dishes we enjoyed at Waterloo and City. But if you walk away with anything, know that the doughnuts are never on the menu, but always available if you know to order them.

You're welcome.

Caesar, poached organic egg, dried prosciutto, anchovies

tuna tartare, fried piquillo pepper, avocado

oysters on rock salt

Whole roasted chicken with burning sage (see fire on top) and french fries

rotisserie lamb, crispy shepherd’s pie, sunchokes, gremolata

sticky toffee pudding, milk ice cream, salted caramel & French meringues


Sin and the City

breakfast buffet + bathing suit = full body shot phobia
Even before Swingers made "Vegas Baby!" a household catchphrase, Angelenos have always fled to Las Vegas to gamble. I mean, that's the lure isn't it? L.A. is already a desert loaded with strip clubs and world class restaurants. Since I hate to gamble, I have a hard time jumping on the Vegas bandwagon.

"Why don't they make a Kardashian channel and get it over with?"
When my East Coast friends start getting an itch for Vegas, I tell them they make a cream for that. But I'll make the roadtrip out there of course. Being 3,000 miles away from old friends is a good reason to visit Sin City. In fact, I don't hate everything in Vegas. I love the Mirage breakfast buffet (Pho and French toast???) and I love lounging at the pools. It's at sundown that everyone goes wild. That's when I like to crawl into bed, pour some Maker's Mark into a tumbler and enjoy a Forensic Files marathon - if I can weed through the tangled filter of Kardashian programming.

Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace
A decade after Swingers, Americans became obsessed with reality TV, and second-tier celebs and heiresses started making appearance deals with the clubs. When reality stars show up, Americans on a Vegas vacation from small towns  flock to the watering hole, camera phones in hand. Sixteen dollar cocktails be damned. The club owners experience a windfall of cash, which motivates them get contracts signed with Laguna Beach alumni. In L.A., tabloid-addicted twenty-somethings and their jealous douchebag boyfriends throw away hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a weekend in Vegas, so they can brag about their hangovers, and being in the same club with Holly Madison and the douches that throw the parties (see Cy Waits).

I'm just happy to see old friends.

Kristy Kostyniuk, me & Shelly Bailey

Vegas breakfast
Sometimes getting there is half the fun
sausage party
cigarette break after singing Jenny Lewis at the top of our lungs

The Mirage


Under the same roof as Will & Kate!

The Belasco Theatre
Well, not at the same time. Just a couple of weeks apart, but I was there first. The royal couple, whom I shamelessly adore for reasons scarily unknown to me, came for the sold-out BAFTA dinner.

Clearly, Univision knows how (see HERE) and where to throw a party! We were at the historic Belasco Theatre in downtown for the Univision upfronts. Honestly, it was hard to keep our eyes trained on the world-famous Spanish-language stars as they showcased Univision's exciting line-up. That's because we couldn't stop staring at the ceiling! It was breathtaking (see above). 

glitter falling

party above, party below

seats cleared fast for the party upstairs
But after the presentation (which made me wish I could buy stock in soccer anything - wait, can I?) I realized why this upfront, unlike other upfronts, was held after office hours at night. That's because it was A PARTY. There was an open bar, sinful Mexican feast and a giant club room. The music was thumping, tiny spheres of neon light spun around the room and women slithered to Madonna's Like a Virgin. God I love Univision.
Dayna Wittman and Kathleen Wheeler-Strong: Putting the vision in Univision!

Tom Hanks gets it!


William Shatner's dogs want to eat mine

Every time I walk my greyhounds in the hills of Studio City, there's one house that stresses my dogs out. Forget the mailbox outside painted with dainty flowers - inside the fence lurks two beasts.

Two muscular and roaring red dobermans (with unnecessarily clipped ears, might I add) tear at the fence, foaming at the mouth and fantasizing about making mincemeat of my beloved. One of my dogs whimper, the other looks at them quizzically as if to say, "Is that necessary?"

Who was this neighbor, with their pretty flowered mailbox and alternately murderous dogs? No other than William Shatner. According to couple across the street, "Bill" said those attack dogs were necessary in scaring off Star Trek crazies. But wasn't that back in the 70's, when the above photo was taken? And it gets more weird. Apparently there's a song out there titled William Shatner's Dog.


Opera a la Richard

Richard Sheldon, not to be outshone by costumed audience members
 The nouveau riche brag about visiting the opera, while people from "old money" never feel the need to. The nouveau riche are also unfamiliar with operettas, the comedic, quick-paced operas that the old guard still enjoy. The nouveau riche who have heard of operettas still avoid it, as they're afraid to openly enjoy something less stuffy.
gala among the evergreens
While I fall into neither category, I must say that one of the perks of living in Los Angeles is that we have Richard Sheldon. Thanks to this Gilbert and Sullivan scholar, we can take in hilarious, unforgettable operettas via Opera a la Carte. For over 40 years, this Brit has tickled us with his dry wit and vibrant productions. When he steps on stage for his usual non-starring yet vital role (such as The Mikado), his presence silently demands awe and reverence.

perusing the silent auction
Opera a la Carte had a fundraiser a while back, and the ingenuity of the performers shone through not only in the show, but the little things. They had a hand in the table decor (taxidermized pirhanas!) and silent auction contributions. 

taxidermized pirhana centerpiece

The food was scrumptious, the Gilbert and Sullivan revue hilarious, the late and great Jill Clayburgh graced us with her presence and the twinkling outdoor set-up was nothing short of magical. If you'd like to take in a show or be a Savoy Society member/sponsor, click here

breathtaking evening


Highbrow Eyebrows

Vanessa Ceballos - artist and magician
Your eyebrows say a lot about you. If they're unruly you are most likely a quitter who prefers shapeless clothing and if they're plucked into skinny rainbows, you most likely have gang connections.

But one thing is true across the board - well-kept brows frame your face and make you look polished. Well-kept girls everywhere know this, which  explains why Anastasia was catapulted into fame as the queen of brows. For years she has shaped the brows of A-listers in her L.A. salon, which naturally led to coverage in magazines, her own line of products and 'brow studios' opening around the country. 

But careers gals like me can't wait for the globetrotting Anastasia to return to town. In Los Angeles, we are lucky to be able to pop over to the L.A. brow studio to see Vanessa Ceballos. Anastasia personally trained her, traveled with her and works alongside her. And best of all, Vanessa made me hot.

a fancier version of me
She wouldn't just wax my brows. She refused to settle for less than 100%. She tinted my brows to match my new summer highlights, she tweezed tricky corners and filled in sparse areas with an array of high-end cosmetics. Did I mention she was a make-up artist too? She's done Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian - the whole lot. And beauty isn't the only reason the stars flock to her. The posh decor and friendly service is impeccable. Alyssa Cole, the sexy, smiling redhead who runs the front gives the place class.

When Vanessa held a mirror up to my face, I felt like a new woman. Vanessa's services didn't cost much, but I looked...expensive. If my car can't trick other Angelenos into thinking I'm wealthy, at least my face can!


Cecconi's - not Madonna's brother's restaurant!

Rebecca Bauwens & I - happy campers
Finally I've gotten a taste of this Robertson Blvd hideaway - the place has taunted me for years. And not just because of the urban legend that says it's owned by Madonna's brother. Wrong spelling of the birth name, and besides, he's too busy being Madonna's brother for any press that will listen. Though his official website would have you think he's doing "this."

But I digress. The place was heaven. I'll let the pictures tell the story, but the moral of the story is: eat at Cecconi's.

Employees in cardigans to match the upholstery
tuna tartare (with mint & chilis!) made fresh at our table

hand-served from a copper pot

Crab meat ravioli with saffron
creamy tiramusu
cherry gelato profiteroles with chocolate sauce - a must order