Another round of Danny DeVito's Limoncello!

Much ado was made of Danny DeVito's drunken antics when he appeared sloshed on The View. The thing that made it not a scandal was that he admitted it and laughed about it, challenging anyone to get puritanical on him. I think that's the way to go about scandals. At least the ones that don't involve bringing someone down. Just say, "Yea, so?" Round and lovable, he talked about having seven shots of his limoncello on TV, which I thought was homemade. He is Italian after all.

Recently I went to a party to kick off the summer cable season, and Danny Devito was there celebrating his hit It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When toasting to the show and upcoming season, I noticed the wait staff pouring drinks from chilled DeVito bottles, and it was then that I realized his limoncello is available in stores.

The party was held at the much-hyped spot My House in Hollywood. Much like Pink's hot dogs, there's always a line wrapped around it promising the ultimate experience, as long as you're willing to wait. I knew it was a club designed like a uber-chic home with dark gold lighting, black leather and modern wood paneling. It even has a bedroom! It was a great night in a great spot (mashed potato bar, anyone?) and best of all, DeVito was just as round and lovable in real life.


Killers Movie Release Pool Party

Just because no movie could stand up to the monolith known as Shrek, doesn't mean they can't have fun opening weekend! Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl came out this month, and instead of vying for a box office victory - which would mean strangling a menacing ogre - Lionsgate (with a successful, albeit dark winter with the hit Precious) used this movie to lighten up and kick off summer!

Coast to coast, they threw pool parties to celebrate opening weekend. Here in Los Angeles, the pool party was thrown at the exclusive new penthouse atop the historic Hollywood Tower - the new home for 98.7 - a.k.a. KYSR-FM, the Rockaholic station!

I got there early to check out the place beforehand, and it was a great setup. Very boutique hotel chic.

People started filing in, and lip-smacking La Poblana Mexican fare began sizzling on the grill. Boys were doing cannonballs in the pool, and bikini-clad hotties played chicken on the shoulders of tattooed band guys. Killers beach balls were tossed in the air, damp Killers beach towels laid atop ergonomic lounge chairs and attention whores were being inappropriate in the hot tub. It was awesome.
While the DJs spun tunes and the liquor flowed, KYSR-FM DJs took turns escorting small groups of us from the pool to the top floor of the Hollywood Towers to see the Penthouse.
This place was complete with rock star art, sexy furniture and a vast outdoor area that included a life-size chess board. As we darted from room to room and courtyard to courtyard, red plastic cups in hand and enjoying the sunset, we thought to ourselves, "Summer is officially here." Killers, much like the pool party and summer itself, is flirty, light and fun. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to enjoy my summer...


Cinespians, I Expected More From You

For a town willing to hunker down in the middle of a cemetery to watch a movie, you'd think that patrons would have a flair for the dramatic. Cinespia hosts movies on the grounds of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which has buried within it's soil old Hollywood royalty, such as Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks.

The John Hughes film Sixteen Candles was scheduled to play one summer night, and the air was electrified. Naturally I dressed 80's and got my friend Chrystina to go along with it. I was convinced the place would be a reverential sea of Aqua Net and jelly bracelets. It wouldn't have been too much of a stretch. Eighties style was back and you could pick up legwarmers at any obnoxiously multiplying American Apparel store. Not to mention that the type of people who watch movies in cemeteries don't have giant sticks lodged in unsightly places.
The grounds were packed for Sixteen Candles, the audience roared with enthusiasm when Molly Ringwald's character was about to kiss Jake Ryan. But did anyone dress 80's? Nope. We were all alone in our blue and purple eyeshadow. Oh, we got the nods of acknowledgement, the silent smile that reads, "Ha. Cool idea." But that was it. Everyone was in cut-offs and slamming back their hooch - too cool for any physical manifestation of their nostalgia. Apparently getting schnokered in a cemetery is par for the course, but teasing wings at your temples? Uncalled for. The only other people jumping in on the spirit of this was an obese lesbian couple that looked none too friendly.

Cinespians, I expected more from you.