For Those Who Love to Party

For those in the prime of their youth traipsing around Los Angeles playing the field, I know how you feel. Darting in and out of Social and Dolce, you're still wrinkle-free and trendy on the outside, but harbor a dark secret. A fear is buried deep within you, nudging you with a question.

And the question is this: This is fun and all, but they aren't all like this, are they?

The sad news is, most of them are. But with a self-esteem a stitch above self-loathing and a health insurance plan to cover potential mental health issues, you'll be able to pull through with, well, something. In the meantime, don't waste years fretting over those self-involved manorexics and ego maniacs. If you cannot enjoy conversation, try to tap into some other joy they might have to offer. And for God's sake, use Return My Pants. They say it's a site for lenders and borrowers but I must say, it's a great tool for those who like to party.

For the guys you ditched early due to signs of sociopathic behavior or monologues breaking down the virtues of different energy bars, remember to be nice when exiting. Because life in the fast lane almost ensures that your treasured belongings will be scattered across town. For example:

~ You left your Happiness DVD at a studio exec's house while trying to impress him with your art-house knowledge.

~ You left your magic La Perla push-up at Xavier's place, because you found out he got chin implants and scurried out too so fast.

~ Your sequined dress came without pockets, so he held onto your broken necklace that night at The Magic Castle.

...the possibilities are endless. Remember to end it amicably, keep track of where you left what at Return My Pants and know that to get it back you'll have to at least pay for one cocktail. Or if he's particularly scary, coffee.


The Grilled Cheese Movement

Perhaps it started with Campanile's Grilled Cheese Night on Thursdays years ago. This high-end restaurant (which would otherwise never serve the likes of grilled cheese in their gourmet menu) even claims to be the first to hype grilled cheese in Los Angeles. It was a hit with celebs like Reese Witherspoon and written up in all the glossies. Soon other restaurants followed, like Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica, making a high-end grilled cheese with brie and apples. I liked it, but it wasn't classic enough to bring on childhood nostalgia. I think the cheese needs to be yellow-orange for me to get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Then came the Grilled Cheese Truck which is known to have Twitter stalkers all over Los Angeles and lines around the block. This month, waiters at the OK! Magazine party were passing around mini grilled cheese sandwiches on silver platters.

But now, people are going beyond just grilled cheese. They are offering the whole package. Grub in Hollywood is known for making comfort food chic, and they came up with the After School Special; a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Their buttery sandwich and all-natural soup laced with tarragon made me feel all cuddly.

So far, my very favorite grilled cheese with tomato soup combo (and there are plenty of places to choose from now) is at The Bowery on Sunset in Hollywood. While known for their craft beers and burgers, their crisp and gooey grilled cheese sandwich is pure comfort. And their tomato soup is creamy like a bisque, topped with a piece of toasted baguette smothered in herbed goat cheese. It's enough to make me wish it were raining in our city of eternal sunshine.


The Downtown L.A. Film Festival

The Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival held a gala at The Alexandria Hotel, circa 1906. While beautiful in its stained glass and crown molding glory, the owners try to hide the state of semi-dilapidation with paint jobs. The effect is very Ms. Havisham's mansion from Great Expectations. For this native East-Coaster, it brought back feelings of nostalgia. Rushing in were memories of my college days in Richmond, VA, where we all lived in once-grand homes (some dating back to the Civil War) that were broken into smaller units. It rekindled my longing for great architecture. Half-lit chandeliers, shattered mirrors and all.

The "gala" itself was boring and felt like a fundraiser. Call me a snob, but one doesn't call it a gala with paper plates and cheap Smart and Final desserts cut into 2-inch servings....at a cost. It was filled with hipsters trying to out-weird one another via hair and clothing, and a band that played...well, it wasn't music.

We escaped and wandered around darkened service hallways and opened doors into forbidden and forgotten ballrooms. The beauty of the place was intoxicating, and we had a blast exploring....until chased down and escorted out by security.

Enjoy the photos!

Above: the original Hollywood Babylon crew; Fatty Arbuckle, Rudolph Valentino, Poli Negra, etc.


Fashion's Night Out 2010!


This may not be New York, (American Apparel does not a Fashion Mecca make) but we can still celebrate here in LaLa Land.

In fact, all around the world people are celebrating fashion, and it was tough to lock down just where to go in Los Angeles. It was parties and gift bags galore! I RSVP'd to Trina Turk's party and it did not disappoint.

The place was adorned with punchy splashes of color that signifies the vintage chic of Trina Turk, and there were generous sales. We sipped refreshing Ice Tropez in flutes, which bubbled like Champagne and was peachy sweet like a Bellini. There were cookies, manicures, music, giveaways and a trolley that rode up and down Third Street to take us to and from The Beverly Center.

It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend!


Told You So...

Last year, I blogged about how we were on the cusp of a Bacon Dessert Movement. Now it has trickled from eclectic cafes to mainstream America. And I mean, like, really mainstream. Wal-Mart mainstream. This was taken at the L.A. County Fair.



P.S.) Can they PLEASE designate a "no stroller" day, so the rest of us can enjoy the fair without being battered, bruised and not apologized to?