And People Care About This Because?..

So here I am. I'm ignoring the pesky voice in my head, taunting, "And people care about this because?..." I fill out my profile and the voice gets louder, "No one caaaaares.." I save changes and it jabs me with a final, "Who do you think you are?"

Well that one I can answer. I'm Fayeruz Regan and I'm a writer. I get published here and there, but now that I want to get my manuscript published, I must scoot out of the corners of coffee shops and learn the business. Get my name out there and market. I'm here to meet new people, read posts from other literati and make a blog worth reading.

Traumatized by the sight of blogs where young wives write epics on their husband's ability to install windows or self-aggrandizing teens who call themselves "princessses" and complain, complain, complain - I wish to ensure I will forever keep myself in check. And if I don't, I'm sure someone will let me know.


ryanfox said...

You would never write about something as mundane as your husband putting up dry wall. Your point of view makes things interesting and people care about this because your writing has personality.

Cabano said...

Your name alone "Fayeruz" should be reason enough to have a blog ... don't ask why...there is no "because" .. you are inimitable, interesting, and your view on life via blogging is worth reading! From VA to CA, from a starving actress to a blogger and now a writer (waiting on that soon-to-be published manuscript) -- people do care!

Dawn said...

does bobby know how to put up dry wall?