Shuttling to Mexico for Plastic Surgery - Es Bueno?

In a town where debates over Lisa Rinna's Juvederm cheek injections take precedence over, say, oh I don't know, the Middle East crisis, it was only a matter of time until Mexico came up. Blame it on the times, but discounted plastic surgery offered south of the of the border is looking more and more...interesante.

If you've already made up your mind to alter your parts, I'm thinking why NOT hit up Mexico? Not only is it cheaper, but celebs could avoid the bloodsucking paparazzi hiding out in the bushes of our most worshipped surgeons. And let's not forget recovery time. Dragging down Robertson Boulevard swathed in gauze like an albino mummy is SO obvious. And think of how delicious recovery time will be, mixing pain meds with native margaritas and fish tacos, all while overlooking the glittering Pacific.

Don't get me wrong, I was at first wary of the idea. Going under the knife in a country known for it's border town donkey shows is a little frightening. Then I looked at the above photo and realized, what do you have to lose?

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Izzy said...

For artists it is better to go to Mexico and made their plastic surgeries and to buy viagra in such countries may be rid of the pesky paparazzi, if I were a singer would definitely think of Mexico as my destination for my operation