Cleaning Off the Casting Couch

Back before cell phones and instant messaging, it was easier for husbands with wanderlust to go on about their debauchery. These days, the guy you once had chemistry class with in high school can find out what you ate for dinner last night, thanks to a little thing called Facebook. With cameras built into cell phones and text messaging that tracks one’s whereabouts in mere seconds, it’s impossible to get away with an illicit love affair, right?

Well, you would think. Here in Los Angeles, balding, middle-aged studio execs duck into Mirabelle on Sunset, with a barely legal actress on their arm. In a little black dress stretched across their rumbling bellies and stars in their eyes, they laugh at bad jokes and God knows what else until they get a one-liner in the next Kate Hudson comedy. Most of the men are married, and I’ve even heard one say, “I like to take the European approach to marriage.” Not only do their poor wives have no idea that their husbands have taken the intercontinental cop out, but those poor Europeans! They get blamed for everything, from laziness in hygiene to farcical marriages.

Thank goodness for a new website called womansavers. This website allows jilted ladies to post the photo of the man that wronged them along with a nice little bio. All single ladies who can’t get a good Google read on their new mystery man can visit this site, just to ensure they don’t pull up a match. One may accuse this site of being sexist. I would argue that it’s merely informative, and if men feel the need to band together and out the naughty temptresses they once dated, feel free. But so you know, mansavers.com is already taken.