The Haunted House of San Pedro

I wish to report that a friend and I did a drive-by of the infamous haunted house in San Pedro - the Jackie Hernandez house. Urban legend has it that an ashen-faced corpse of a man with a red flannel shirt tormented the resident. Documentary footage showed an orange-reddish substance oozing from the walls, and tests returned claiming it was blood plasma high in copper.

Like any supposedly haunted house, I am never scared of the ghosts, but the fed-up residents who have to deal with weirdos like me. Some say the house was on 355 11th St., but that ended up being a well-preserved Victorian, and didn't match the documentary footage. Like many Californians who think anything built before the 80's is "old," I think residents tagged it as the Hernandez home because Victorians have the generic haunted sheen from horror flicks.

Others said the house is on the 500 block, so we cruised the second alleged address, 591 11th St. After the infamous Manson murders, Sharon Tate's abode was torn down and given an all-new address. That seemed to be the case in San Pedro as well. The house numbered 591 was missing and the facade standing where it should be looked brand new. Did I mention the shirtless chubby guy grilling in the backyard? Yea, that killed it for us.

My friend and I took a picture of both facades. Discuss.


Sarah Alaoui said...

Never been to a haunted house...
Great article in The Independent Monitor by the way--especially the last white elephant that you finished with. Brilliant.

Sally Drew said...

Just wanted to say 'Hi' Fayeruz -- I hope your Summer is going well. ... Sally.

Anonymous said...

make a return visit. 593 WEST 11th st. small bungalow w/small covered front porch on one side. take a camera, a friend, and your best pair of running shoes. then, discuss. LB

Anonymous said...

Actually you can see Jackie's house in your photo. The photo of the driveway with the raised deck on the right side. The gray house in the very back behind the tree is the back of the house. The house is small and is not on the actual 11th street.

fayeruz said...

Thanks Anonymous!Pretty nice deck - looks like the recent inhabitants are in it to win it!

Anonymous said...

the house is actually at 593 west 11th street

Anonymous said...

In your second photo, you can see part of the roof of the house. If you walked down the driveway to the apartment building. There is a door towards the back of the dividing wall just before the tree. The house is the second one and is 593 W. 11th. I think the one before it is 589. I was there at night and there were tenants in both houses. I wish you could post photos because a weird mist is in the pick . . . Maybe from the flash? Who knows? Interesting case though.

Anonymous said...

I actually lived in this house with my family for about 5 months. No lie, I have the papers. We lived there in mid '08.
This is one fucked up place. I've been trying to find research on the house since we moved in, found nothing and tonight decided to try again. Not shocked to find this. But what happened there only raised my attention. We had people next door and all over SP asking why I moved in, and telling us stories about what they know about the house. Little was known except some strange, bad things may have happened there. Even some students from the near by college asked if they could do their filming for a movie there as we were moving out.
I asked them why and they just said the house was well known around the area. I showed them around and when we got to the basement, I showed them the news paper clippings we pulled from the ceiling.
My dog freaked out when we brought him down there and barked at the ceiling panel, and we ended up pulling some 50 new paper clippings dating back to the 1930s all about murders, suicides and deaths. Old enough to crumple at the touch.
We left them there when we moved. Tucked them back up where we found them. Didnt want to deal with them. The whole house felt awful constantly, even my parents would not go in the basement alone. We always had weird noises and things falling off the shelves.
My mom tried to clear the house of bad energy but her sage bowl flew across the room in the basement so she never tried again.
We were evicted because the land owner was tired of us saying there was no A/C in the house and he did not want to put screens on the windows. But I'm glad. I could never shower or even go in the upstairs bathroom. My room constantly had strange noises going on in the closet, like the sound of things falling off the shelves, when nothing was on them or things rolling around in the walls, the feeling of being watched, I couldnt sleep.
There were weird little doorways leading off from the up stairs closets and the small room with no windows in the middle of the hall way, which I'm sure at one point was a whole bedroom, split in two, there was a whole corner of the house closed off for no reason and no one could explain why.
Everyone that lived near by had something to say about the place, but no one had an explication. Just that they knew something was wrong with the place. That house is real fucked up. I don't know what it is but I have stories about each room. No where is safe there. Any doubts that I'm lying, send me an email. I lived there and have proof, from multiple people. It's a horrible place. I've been looking for info to what happened there, if anyone knows, PLEASE email me at andyw468@hotmail.com. I'd love to figure out what was going on in that place. My whole family would. And I'd caution anyone looking to live there.

fayeruz said...

Hi Andy,
I saw it on an old documentary online about haunted houses in Cali, but it's gone. If you Google Haunted House of San Pedro, and click "videos" you can see filming and footage. Good luck!