Digital Style L.A. & The Look Mixer at Trousdale!

You know a gift bag is going to be good when you pick it up and it's as heavy as a dumbbell. It was how I knew that the Digital Style L.A party hosted by The Look was going to be fab. The Look was created by Alan Mruvka, co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, and this new network is all things beauty and fashion.

As we sipped Veev Acai Spirit cocktails, we mingled and passed around business cards with the dexterity of Vegas card dealers. Everyone looked fabulous; mini-dresses with metallic paint splashes, a vintage-inspired bateau-necked dress in winter white and splashy handbags the size of Texas.

Blame it on high expectations, but because The Look has such a high-end look, I was surprised to see servers in pleather mini dresses and garter belts. Don't get me wrong, the girls were beautiful and looked like they hadn't eaten in four years, but it was so Frederick's of Hollywood circa 1987. Perhaps that's the Trousdale uniform, but it would've classed up the event to see the girls in sexy Alice and Olivia or Marc Jacobs ensembles - something thematic. Oh but the snacks they passed around - me oh my. Mini sliders that tasted fresh off the grill, cheesy pizza and egg rolls. Pure comfort food. Those sliders saved us all from the DUIs that only an open bar can make us paranoid about.

It was a great time, and was even better when I got home and ripped into that generous gift bag. I sampled some products immediately after my shower, determined to erase any evidence of the excesses of the night before. Thanks DSLA and The Look!

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