Wham Bam Thank You Grammys

When Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes, the stars were uncomfortable. They shifted in their seats and faked for the camera. While Americans were nearly choking from laughter from the comfort of their own homes, the pampered stars sat stone-faced as Gervais poked fun at "certain gay celebrity Scientologists" and the Special Effects award not being given to the airbrush artists for the Sex and the City II posters. It was clear that celebrities are so used to their handlers flattering them and protecting them from the truth, that the jokes literally shocked them. I even felt a little bad for them.

Perhaps that's why everything was so posh backstage at the Grammys - the decadence was there to soothe the bruised egos milling about. Not to mention the calming effect it has on the hip hop crowds who are notorious for wreaking havoc at the BET Awards.

Anyway, here were just a few of the many backstage perks. All of which I took full advantage of, since I have no handlers shielding me from the world that sends unfiltered reminders of how much I suck.

gourmet food galore
Posh interview/reception areas
The area where Bobby Brown almost ran me over with a baby stroller
Bodycology gift bags
roadie paradise

Free backstage "Liz Lemon Massages" for all

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