Observing the Observatory

Griffith Observatory is famous for being the backdrop of intense scenes in Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean and Natalie Wood. In fact, there's a memorial bust of Dean on the grounds. I've been inside to look through one of the great telescopes, but between the light pollution and the marine layer, the heavens resembled a dirty chalkboard. I love Griffith Park for the breathtaking hiking trails, the spooky secret garden of Dante's View and the resident coyote who always scans the view from the summit at sundown, searching for its dinner and oblivious to daily hikers.
stars above, stars belo

It had been a while since I'd been to the observatory. It underwent a renovation and has recently unveiled its new face. The changes can be seen from the flatlands of Los Angeles. The steeper barrier walls and spotlights make it loom larger on the horizon. We checked out the new displays and architecture. Aside from annoying zombie hipsters desperate for attention  with their Halloween make-up and bumping into walls (no one cares), it was pretty cool. Enjoy the photos!
the view

like a vintage bakery box

inside display

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