Cucina Cara Mia

Kate Moss is famous for having once said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." While I've struggled and failed to adapt that mantra, it begs the question, has she has bacon? Furthermore, it's obvious she's never experienced Cucina Cara Mia, based out of San Diego. Their Nutella brownies were nothing short of abusive. Abusive as in: so good that I moaned and kept my eyes closed the whole time. Kate Moss would have been so disappointed in me. Then she would have done an eight ball. All I remember is a paper thin crust holding together a fudgy, muddy, hazelnutty bar of sin.

Exploring Florence and Tuscany
Linda Lou is a true bon vivant, living in San Diego by way of New York and stirring up all kinds business in her kitchen. Her Cucina Cara Mia goods are literally homemade, then sold in local farmer's markets. I remember wandering the hills of Tuscany and noting the similarities it shared with Southern California. It was semi-arid and hilly with clay-tiled roofs. I can easily pick up some Cucina Cara Mia goods in San Diego, pack a picnic and pretend I'm in Florence. Or as Linda Lou would say, "Firenze!"


Linda Lou said...

Thank you Fayeruz for the mention on your wonderful blog...if I could only be in Tuscany that would be perfection..in the meantime, I think I've got some frozen nutella brownies calling my name..

Stefano Cotovini said...

Linda Lou is my Cara Mia! Grazie, Fayeruz! Stefano XO