The business of tabloids

I was invited to a tabloid party recently, and a friend had asked if I thought any celebrities would be there. Immediately my mind went to movie stars and I said, "No, of course not." Who would want to attend a party thrown by people who zoom in on your cellulite and blast photos of it across their front page? Stars come home from a seemingly quiet vacation to find their thighs in high definition in grocery store check out lines. So no, no stars.

But we have a new breed of celebrity brought on by tabloid and reality TV culture. The Non-Talent Celeb. They don't act, sing or dance but man are they famous. This party made it quite clear that tabloids and reality TV stars are in bed together. I am more than convinced that the symbiotic relationship has them running some serious under-the-table deals.

Disclaimer: The bully from Glee (below) was there, and as an actual performer, he does not fall under the Non-Talent Celeb.

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