Shocking Discovery: Rap Lyrics are Stupid and Don't Make Sense

My hatred of Hip Hop is no secret. Aside from the fact that the lyrics take us back about 50 years as a human race, the dudes all take themselves too seriously. They don't know how to have fun with it the way Humpty and Tone Loc did. Now they have to grimace with a row of gold teeth, act all hard and not give any indication that they're enjoying themselves.

Now adding this to my list of gripes: The lyrics don't make sense!

Don't believe me?

The name of their site comes from an old Jay-Z lyric, "No room service, just snacks and shit." A data programmer and stand-up comic got together to take the piss out of the dumbest rap lyrics out there.

Some gut-busting examples:

Kanye West: "I live by two words: f**k you, pay me"
SaS: "OK, first of all, this saying is four words long. So you're an idiot."

E40: "I'ma be the first hustler that set up shop on Jupiter."
SaS: "Nobody is going to do business with you on Jupiter. Filed under: Too far away / Would die instantly."

You tell 'em, Snacks and Shit.