Arrested Development is coming! Arrested Development is coming!

Should we be surprised that the masses didn't appreciate Arrested Development when it was on network TV? Come on, this is the country that allowed for Two and a Half Men and The Nanny, starring Fran Drescher. Dumbed-down sentimentality is the way to America's heart, especially if the characters talk nice and slow, followed by a comforting laugh track, that informs the lowest common denominator when it's time to be impressed.

What happens when you remove the laugh track, have characters speak at regular speed and throw in a witty script? Magic, like we've seen on 30 Rock, New Girl and Arrested Development. And for the latter, the minority has banded together in a unified voice, and this time it was heard. Netflix has been working exclusively with the cast to film and broadcast a much-awaited fourth season, airing this Spring.

To celebrate this, I thought I'd share photos from a very special Arrested Development exhibit, from the amazing Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Enjoy, and start planning your Netflix viewing parties!

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