Uncovering Cool in Corona - Yes that's what I said

River Walk Park
Some scoff at the Inland Empire, calling its inhabitants "white trash." I would argue that white trash culture has brought us a myriad of fabulous things, like tater tots and plastic flamingos, but I'm too busy wondering why they're allowed to call it an "Empire" in the first place. 

Perhaps the white trash moniker evolved from the Drive 'Til You Qualify housing developments. Or, as Wikipedia kindly puts it, "Agriculture declined through the 20th century, and since the 1970s a rapidly growing population, fed by families migrating in search of affordable housing, has led to more residential, commercial, and industrial development."

 Citrus City Grille
And while it's true that we saw an inordinate amount of monster trucks and cars with headlights in the shades of violet and blue, it wasn't all white trash. In fact, we went to a party at the Citrus City Grille and were impressed by the tasty treats being passed around, like Mexican street tacos. Not to mention the knockout martini menu; the Raspberry Lemonade Martini was my favorite. A DJ sets up shop around 10 PM for dancing al fresco. Behind us was a stunning river walk, with a modern tunnel snaking through the black waters.

choice of Chambord or Irish cream cupcakes
Next time someone talks trash about "The IE," I'll let then know about this fabulous and hick-free evening. And the wonders of tater tots and plastic flamingos. 

The "naughty end of the table"

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