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daytripping with the blonde mafia

Why, you might ask, would we drive over an hour outside of Los Angeles to get apples? Apples that we have to pick ourselves? Apples that are pricier than organic apples in Los Angeles?

me having some wholesome fun
Normally I'd say the joke was on us, but what an experience. We did it for the crisp mountain air, seeing the leaves change colors (I'm talking Shenandoah Valley colors!), for the adorable village, the petting zoo, the farmer's market and for God's sake, the fried chicken and mile-high apple pie! It's all at Oak Tree Village.

this was worth the trip alone

This is one romantic Autumn day trip, and right now it's apple-picking season! It won't last long. I didn't go on a date, but on an adventure with a car full of girlfriends. Either way you go, you will marvel at the old-fashioned goodness of it all. Caramel apples at the Farmer's Market, baby goats hand-fed with bottles, corn field mazes and apple-picking at rustic orchards. You'll feel like a farmer's daughter, but an innocent one without all the field hand pregnancy scares.

come early to take advantage of everything before sundown

looks just like the dancers' quarters in Ditry Dancing!

nearly kidnapped him
why are goats so loving?

mile-high apple pies!


rebeccapatel said...

Ahhh! The hubs and I are planning a trip this fall. Apples and chicken fried steak here I come!

What a fun memory, thanks!


fayeruz said...

I'm moving back I swear. My own blog is making me sad.