Overheard at a bar

I was at St. Nick's on 3rd St. and overheard a girl complaining that she got called into a tampon commercial audition. She was pissed.
Two reasons why this is not okay:

1) It's a blessing to beat the odds and get called in for an audition in the first place.

2) Let's face it; if you are touting tampons or feminine hygiene products in general, you are one fresh-looking girl. It means you are the very picture of health; vibrant, clear and beautiful. You think they'd give that gig to Taylor Momsen, Tori Spelling or Amy Winehouse? Heck no.

Oscar-nominated Naomi Watts did one back in the day, and even millionaire powerhouse Serena Williams is in Tampax ads. So stop your crying, thank your stars and pray for a callback.

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