Everything is more beautiful at Christmas

This includes the Canoga Mission Gallery, standing solo on a road you would normally zip by. But we noticed the vintage adobe building with lush grounds and magical lighting inside, and we had to take a look. Upon entering, it was a dark bazaar of Victorian trinkets, old furniture, books and busts. Strands of jewelry, iron chandeleirs and hand-carved toy soldiers waited to be discovered. The place positively sparkles.  It was built in 1936, commissioned by an actor who starred in the iconic film Pandora's Box with silent film star Louise Brooks.

We thought the adobe was all to see, but it's part of a greater property. Secret gardens and fountains and twinkly lights lured us around paths outside, where people can throw parties. It's called the Hidden Chateau and Gardens. If you want to feel a million miles away from Los Angeles, which we all sometimes do, come here. Especially at Christmas, where Dickens meets Don Quixote. 

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