Hot Girls Needing Confirmation

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful women. And though the masses have been plucked, sucked and tucked into utter perfection, insecurity still reigns. Whether from studio rejection, or a self absorbed bartender boyfriend who needs the validation from his fellow insecure cocktail waitresses, even the most darling girls only feel pretty when they go back to their hometowns.

For those uber-competitive beauties striving for validation, they can enter themselves into The Hot Quest. She must force a jubilant, smiling face for a photo (at least they still look at that) and please the masses by adding body shots, so total strangers can ogle her at her expense. What's kind of gross, is that you can see how many clicks each photo gets. I noticed that the more naked a girl is, the more clicks it receives. I think we all know what the boys are doing with those photos. The site kind of feels like Halloween: yet another occasion when scantily clad girls seem desperate for attention, and men can take advantage of their insecurities and enjoy the spectacle, free of charge.

If the girl scores enough votes on the site, she will be crowned "Hottest Girl on Earth" or, as Thrillist puts it: "The Hottest Girl On Earth Who Still Needs Affirmation From the Lonely Geeks of The Internet."

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