Urth Cafe - go for the food, not the celebs!

Eggs Salmone - Urth Caffe's best breakfast dish!
Many a Los Angeles restaurant charges a king's ransom for mediocre food. And for what? To give mere mortals the opportunity to sit amongst celebrities, that's what. The Ivy on Robertson has been paparazzi central for over a decade, yet whenever a friend describes the meal, they shrug and say, "Meh." The two things they do remember: Steep prices and starlets pushing around their salads. 

Here's my question: If the food's so insignificant, why eat there?
Here's the likely answer: To be photographed by the paparazzi.

This means that The Ivy doesn't even have to try.

Now, I haven't eaten at The Ivy, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. The restaurant I wish to speak of, is Urth Caffe. There are a couple of locations, but it's a fact that the Melrose spot almost always has a star present. Everyone is in dark shades so no one will catch them staring, and everyone seems distracted while they eat, keeping an eye out for whatever celeb may be present. They can't miss an opportunity to brag about it on Facebook. Am I above it? Honestly no. Then again, it's not giving the Urth Caffe their fair due. I go for the food, not the clientele. Their dishes are impeccable, and fairly priced. It's a must-do.

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