Food too beautiful to eat

watermelon mint salad with feta
 ...except that we ate it.

Just because The Sunset Strip is rock & roll, it  doesn't mean you're confined to burgers at the Roxy Room. Just because Sunset Plaza is posh, it doesn't mean you have to hand over a paycheck for microbites stacked on a square white plate.

this room just makes your chicken...sexier
There's a middle ground. No, middle ground doesn't do it justice. There's an exception. Unlike other places on the strip, Xai Veranda has no flashy facade. I've driven by this place countless times and never noticed it. The place is airy, and awash with billowy white curtains on the terrace, a sultry Moroccan-themed tent room and rows of glinting silver tea pots.

The food was excellent, and so was the presentation. Try it!

extensive tea list, not to mention the hookah tobacco menu and "pipe boy"

Mediterranean ice cream sampler: lavender, saffron, coffee and pistachio

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