Mais Oui! Cooking classes at Sur La Table!

TVs are set up so you can watch others at close range
Sur La Table, French for "on the table," has always been the Los Angeles go-to place for truffle oil, crab leg snappers and other sundry dining items. Conveniently located at the Original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax, the prices are a little less shameless than Williams Sonoma, they sell tons of fun trinkets for gift bags and, as I had recently found out, they teach cooking classes.

Yep, I did this.
Time Warner treated us to a night of French epicurean lessons, and the fabulous sit-down meal, where we could enjoy the fruit our labors. Of course we washed the whole thing down with bottles (and bottles!) of wine, then were sent on our merry way with culinary gift bags. 

This was also me.
I recommend taking a class, even if a seasoned cook, just to brush up on some new tips and ideas. While it may be considered pretentious to "over-pronounce French words with a French accent" (the hilarious complaint in Friends with Kids) it's honorable to be able to pronounce the dishes you learned how to cook yourself. It's even better to cook with all that butter.

Do I even need to say it?
Time to sample the goods

the three amigos

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