The Nosh Pit

I realize that as an East-Coaster, I have to look at "East Coast-inspired" hotspots in California with a grain of salt. Like the "Hamptons-inspired" club, The Colony. Which is not even on the beach and is filled with girls sporting jack o' lantern heads and wearing "dresses" that I'm pretty sure were originally shirts. Anyone who's been to the Hamptons knows that Lily Pulitzer dresses are de rigeur, not stuff that would end up on this blog.

Anyway, it's well known that movie deals and comedy careers are made in the New York delis between Jewish bigwigs and their occasional goy counterparts. But I am proud to point out that there is some serious wheeling and dealing here in L.A., and most of these delicatessens have been here for more than half a century (practically ancient for Los Angeles). Great ideas and great sandwiches are born here too!


Canter's Deli - Seth Rogen & Michael Cera developed ideas in the vast orange and brown booths, and director Michael Mann would brainstorm and write for 6-hour stretches

Art's Delicatessen - Steven Speilberg, Jason Reitman, John Landis and CBS pres. Les Moonves are regulars. PS) The website hosts a Yiddish dictionary

Factor's Deli - William Shatner, Arthur Marx and Monty Hall have had brainstorms and meetings here

Nate n 'Al's - Larry King & his Brooklyn entourage eat here every morning. Charlton Heston was no stranger to the place either

Junior's Deli- This was a creative lab for Mel Brooks. And for street cred? NWA wrote lyrics in the booths!

Mazeltov Los Angeles!

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