The White Witch of Los Angeles

credit: Sera Timms

I will give her credit for one thing and one thing only. She thought of a cool name for her website. GodIsMyBoyfriend.com. Hardy har har. Not that it actually means anything.

But don't tell Los Angeles that. Homegirl gets all kinds of coverage in the L.A. Weekly, not to mention the fact that the city of Los Angeles must be throwing her enough coins to keep her operating. Maja D'aoust is "The White Witch of L.A." What does this mean? It means she can have photos taken of herself prancing in gauzy white dresses, declare the dust and dirt on the camera lens to be orbs (after development of course, since nothing actually happened during the photo shoot) and take your money to do, like, spiritual stuff with it. Like put it in her pocket. Then go buy other new white dresses to prance in.

I'm not mad at her. We allowed this to happen. People refuse to believe in God because of the talking snakes and the parting seas being "unrealistic," but then hail "The White Witch of Los Angeles." It just goes to show that some people long to be "different," simply because they're desperate for attention. So I say you go, Maja D'Aoust. You take all their money and you swirl and twirl in those gauzy white dresses and you wave your hands and you mumble over that burning sage. Take them for all they're worth, even if the rest of the country is laughing at us.

You go. You go Glen Coco.

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