Have you seen this place?

Every business traveler outside of Los Angeles tries to get their company to spring for the SLS Hotel. Sure, it's pricy. But the girls in the bar are to weary travelers what Samantha Fox was to men in the 80's. The place is chic and situated right on Restaurant Row. But I don't see people venturing out of the hotel to eat. Not with the addition of The Bazaar. The lobby, bar and restaurant are on a sprawling first floor, with mismatched furniture and conversation pieces pushed together to make intimate little spaces. This is also one of those places where everyone is checking out everyone to see if they're someone.

Myself and some friends gathered for cocktails at the bar, and I ordered a smoking concoction made with dry ice. I ordered it for the name; Smoke on the Water. And did it smoke! I looked like an evil chemist. 

This place is fun!

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