L.A. Traffic? Elementary!

Traffic on our freeways is bad enough, but a myriad of other things obstruct what would otherwise be a beautiful drive through our coastal state. Brush fires jump across freeways due to flying embers, earthquakes rip up pavement and the occasional coyote will wander onto the road.

The rubberneckers are the worst, making you late for weddings and dinner parties just to see an Olive Garden manager get pulled over for speeding. My friend Rebecca gets so worked up over rubberneckers, she insists on zooming past the accident without a mere glance - even if the flames are leaping dangerously close to her paint job.

Sometimes I feel beaten down when Laurel Canyon gets congested, or when my peaceful San Diego roadtrip is marred by losers who still think a thumping bass is the key to coolness. But then I found truckspills.com, and I realize my lot isn't so bad. If not for the traffic, then for the thanks I have at not being one of the carcasses piled into the back of these trucks in the first place. They spill all sorts of business, such as...

...rotten wieners


...bees (notice the beekeeper suits)


...dead chicken

...cocaine (two accidents in one!)

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