Another round of Danny DeVito's Limoncello!

Much ado was made of Danny DeVito's drunken antics when he appeared sloshed on The View. The thing that made it not a scandal was that he admitted it and laughed about it, challenging anyone to get puritanical on him. I think that's the way to go about scandals. At least the ones that don't involve bringing someone down. Just say, "Yea, so?" Round and lovable, he talked about having seven shots of his limoncello on TV, which I thought was homemade. He is Italian after all.

Recently I went to a party to kick off the summer cable season, and Danny Devito was there celebrating his hit It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When toasting to the show and upcoming season, I noticed the wait staff pouring drinks from chilled DeVito bottles, and it was then that I realized his limoncello is available in stores.

The party was held at the much-hyped spot My House in Hollywood. Much like Pink's hot dogs, there's always a line wrapped around it promising the ultimate experience, as long as you're willing to wait. I knew it was a club designed like a uber-chic home with dark gold lighting, black leather and modern wood paneling. It even has a bedroom! It was a great night in a great spot (mashed potato bar, anyone?) and best of all, DeVito was just as round and lovable in real life.

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