Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Bad Costumes

She thinks she's a glamourpuss. They think she's a sideshow. At least they're too kind to tell her the truth. Her campy delusion has made her one of the most iconic features on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Out-of-work actors, the jobless, even the homeless have stalked Hollywood Boulevard for years. Dressed as superheroes and movie stars, they charge tourists a buck to have them pose for pictures with them. It's their living.

And a hard living it is, as demonstrated by the bizarre and sometimes sad documentary, Confessions of a Superhero. Exposing the dark and lonely side of failed actors hustling on the Boulevard, these characters are becoming more and more disturbing. Blame it on the economy, but it looks like mental patients are rolling out of bed, pulling on a dirty Rite-Aid Halloween costume and bullying passersby. Some are drunk, some heckle and some get arrested for violence. There was a Pocahontas who has been referred to as Crackohontas. Batman was arrested once or twice for lashing out at tourists. If you plan on visiting, know that you're not legally entitled to pay for a photo with them. But if you don't, they might cut you.

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