Class All the Way

"Fifty dollars for a movie ticket?!?!"

That may be your first reaction when hearing about Gold Class Cinemas, the all-new movie theatre experience. Being someone who would rather park and walk two blocks than fork over $15 for a valet, I would naturally steer clear from the "It's like flying first class in a movie theatre" gimmick. But opportunity came knocking, and even though my friend Dawn and I had to sit through a Twilight movie, I took it.

It was worth every penny.

First of all, it's not the movie you're paying for, but the all-round experience:

- Free drinks in the uber-trendy lounge (90 wines and draft beers, including Chimay!)

- Free hors d'oeuvres in the lounge (lobster, goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, etc.)

- A host carrying your cocktails to your reserved seat on a tray. They don't want you to be troubled with the hassle of balancing your drink en route.

- Giant, plush reclining seats and wide walking lanes so you're not stepping over people.

- Staff brings you blankets and pillows

- Huge side compartment to place shopping bags, purses, etc.

- A silent button is on your table; press it and get an instant response from the staff. More beer, please!

- Dinner: Seared tuna spring roll, Kobe beef sliders, Asian ginger salad, and fried potatoes.

- Dessert: Chocolate mousse trifle, cream puffs and chocolate covered strawberries

Did I mention the gift bags? Yea, you won’t be getting those but I received a cornucopia of goodies in mine, including Gran Turino on DVD, a facial from Aveda and more!

All I’m saying is, if I can love the experience while watching a torrid love triangle between a girl, a werewolf and a vampire, you can appreciate it too.

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Dawn K. said...

who wants to take me there for my bday this year?!