Celeb Stalking at it's Worst

Many complain that celebs should stop griping about the paparazzi, as it's "part of the deal." But with anything involving privacy, there is always a line. I can't tell you how many interviews I've read where stars sadly lament not being able to go to the beach anymore, in fear of having their thighs splashed across the pages of a magazine, photos zoomed in on the cellulite with arrows pointing to the offending visage. It makes me sad that the ocean has been taken away from them. It's one of the biggest redeeming factors in Los Angeles. No one is sure when the tabloids got that out of hand, but it's unfortunate for them and shame on us.

It isn't only the magazine's fault. It's an issue of supply and demand, and if petty gossip didn't fly off the shelves as fast as it did, cellulite zoom-in centerfolds wouldn't happen. As if celebrity worship didn't make us look pathetic enough, there's OMGICU - (OMG I see you) a new celebrity stalking page where everyday people can drop very important information, like seeing Courtney Thorne Smith pumping gas, or David Spade buying saline solution at Rite-Aid. Because you know, there is a real public need or whatever.