simonLA cotton candy

Hotel Sofitel is one of the chicest hotels in Beverly Hills. Too bad they have about 18 gorgeous employees whose sole job is to greet you on your way in, because you'll be paying their salaries when booking a room. But it's classy all the same.

simonLA is their in-house restaurant, and if you haven't heard of their abusive junk food platter, it comes with: cotton candy, caramel corn, donuts, cookies, a peanut butter sundae, cupcakes, ding dongs, Rice Krispies treats and SnoBalls.

We were too stuffed to take on the junk food platter by the end of our meal, but the chef sent over Hugh Hefner's favorite: a billowy mountain of cotton candy - on the house. It would appear that I'm not paying the salary of those 18 gorgeous hotel greeters for nothing!

carb heaven