Nerd-free video game party?

What has this world come to? In this case Los Angeles. A place where even video game enthusiasts aren't the bespectacled dough-faced boys that draw over-sexualized cartoons of you as a present. Insert awkward laughter here. They know who they are.

Shifted2u was on the scene at the Vita Hill Social Club in Santa Monica, celebrating the pre-launch of the PlayStation Vita. They threw a bash to remember, and not just because the place was filled with nerds that were...hot. Imagine lounging on leather ottomans and cheetah-skin rugs, while testing the games. The rugs were faux, PETA. Calm down. Oh, and PETA? Faux is French for fake, and the "x" is silent, thaaaaanks.

As we played the Vita, and as I unsuccessfully tried to steer my character into a fire to see the graphics, we were nourished by slices of hot pizza, 50 Cent's Street King energy shots, Guayaki Yerba Mate (which some homeless dude accosted me for later, assuming it was Four Lokos), and Kind health bars. Oh, did I mention the open bar? Open bars should get their very own sentence. As should the team of Ghostbusters that were on-site. Yep, that happened.

Props to Shifted2u for a great party, and to all those nerds, bringing sexy back to gaming. In case it was ever there in the first place.

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MrBenja said...

Hey, I created the four Playstation symbol paintings and helped promote. Here are some pics from the PS Vita Party. http://bit.ly/ymzK3Z