Save the Males

I know, I know, most guys who make reference to the times "When men were men" are usually sexists whom complain that women need to be seen, not heard. But there is something to say for, well, men who are manly.

Los Angeles is a town where men even straight men get mani-pedis and say stuff like, "Your nails say a lot about you." They swear off carbs and have twice as much hair product as their female counterparts. It's no wonder us girls pine for the type who know a bit about carpentry. Heck, even falconry doesn't seem as geeky at this point.

This doesn't mean that men should be denied the pleasures that us females enjoy. Watch Sex & the City; it's quality entertainment and priceless research for the single man. There is also no reason men should be denied of sensual pleasures, like scented candles. But now, their homes won't have to reek of sweet pea and freesia if they don't want them to. With the tag line, Candles on Testosterone, the Mandle has arrived - candles for men. Featuring scents like stogie, auto shop, whiskey and meat and potatoes, this might make up for all the Paul Mitchell business she finds in your bathroom when seeing your place for the first time to "watch a movie."

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