As if ugly people in L.A. don't have it hard enough...

There's an urban legend that says sorority girls take newbies going through rush and make them undress. No, this is not some stupid boy fantasy that involves nighties and pillow fights. No giggling, no flying feathers. Rumor has it that the sorority girls take a magic marker and highlight all the incoming girls' flaws. This isn't true, (I'm an Alpha Gam. Shut up.) but it's still scary. Unattractive people have a tough lot.

It's common knowledge that good-looking students are subconsciously favored by teachers and as adults, fare much better with job interviews. Here is Los Angeles, even good-looking people are bland, and don't get the good compliments until they go back to their hometowns. Things are different now. Back in the 80's, it was encouraging to see what passed for pretty in the movies. Look at Leah Thompson, to the right. Would she or Phil Collins be able to carve out a career for themselves these days? Eighties "hot chicks" girls had messed up teeth and even (gasp!) a tiny bit of body fat. Demi Moore, Julia Roberts and others were heavier before starving themselves down to keep themselves in the game.

Adding insult to injury, we now have job sites that CATER to pretty people. At Beautiful Job Seekers only the pretty may apply so they can go pretty up another office. The site even has a smutty rating system for visitors, feeding our desire to judge and rip people to shreds. Not that the job seekers (and those insecure freaks craving validation) aren't asking for it. Offices willing to lower themselves to this gimmick apparently do not put emphasis on experience or intelligence. "Resumes are so 2010, I need cup size!" Even if they use Beautiful Job Seekers for the classic front desk receptionist position, it still reeks of 50's sexism.

Even weirder is Spirited Sales, who hires ex cheerleaders for sales jobs because, you know, they have spirit. Pep. Can I get an L? Can I get an A? Can I get an M? Can I get an E? What's that spell? Caution, those recruited by these companies needn't know the answer. That's not their job.


Anonymous said...

Its worse then this, I have been actively seeking employment for 2 years now, still no luck. Yes I have dumbed down, yes I have even offered myself up to ice cream shop/coffee barista/Macyukkis. Could my race be an issue? Absolutely, I'm white. We are suppose to own businesses and grab career jobs out of are arse!
But that is just not the case, try turning your application into freeze and suck and experience the FQ looks from black hotties or protective latina razas. Nope chances are epic my resume went to the trash.
Or maybe its my shaved head which at a macys interview literally lost me that one as I decoded a chinese comment about my ''bald eagle'' and ligthouse reference. I know how women must feel when men stare at their bossom during interviews only with me its my terra-dome. And hellfire if I happen to like food on occasion, kryyst I am only 15lbs overweight. Sorry prospective employers I left my 24 pack in the fridge!
And another issue other then the myth that I am a bald middle aged fatty, now gay men are horrific. Yup I said it, let's just air this shit out, I had a dude claim he forgot an appt and cancelled the interview after walking in to see me! That was 1/5 diff gay men I tried interviewing with, not one call or even faked interest. And I am an engineer for crying out loud. If you are reading this and happen to be white, husky and middle aged, avoid LA like H1N1.
And forget meeting ppl, I got lost in Santa Clarita a month ago, I asked a woman at the gas pump for directions to the 5, she responded by saying if I harrassed her she would call the police, WTF!
Since I tried to say hello to a few of the ice ppl later that month with similar or no response I figured LA has deeper issues then mind controlling chem trails, these ppl are fuckin nuts. Bunch of name dropping pre-madonnas and metro sexual hipsters all to good for the hood. I am however happy to announce I have made 4 friends in the homeless community and they are really cool ppl. At least the ones I met, so in conclusion fok this place if I don't find work I'm headed back to NorCal peace.....

Anonymous said...

In fact, I am going to take this thing to the house, like Zuckerburg did with online dating..