Holy Urban Legend!

From the dusty back roads of Modesto to the salty cliffs of the Big Sur, urban legend has it that an eccentric old man and his faithful dog roam the highways of California. They criss-cross this enormous state in a kitschy vintage car searching for people in need. He doesn't charge a penny; he simply does it because it's nice. His life is on the road - Slim Jims, Big Gulps and all.

I think I read in Westways magazine that he was once rescued himself and decided to dedicate his "retired" life to paying it forward. Okay, I guess if he was in Westways he isn't an urban legend. A rural legend, maybe?

I always expected the guy (wish I remembered his name) to turn up in a dust cloud off some desolate canyon road. Imagine my surprise when a friend and I saw him on a crowded San Diego freeway. During the day. In the open. Just like that.

We got the best shots we could. Enjoy!

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GiGi said...

Great story. Kind of restores faith in goodness of the universe. Thanx for posting.