San Pedro - Not So Scary

Ports O' Call Village - seafood, taffy & galleries
Any town that's emblazoned across T-shirts of guys with their pants hanging below their butts, or on a hat that's turned sideways, is not a town I'd like to live in. And in L.A., that town is San Pedro. Why does the name of this city adorn fools who shift around with that uneven gangster slouch? And with only one free hand, as the other hand must hold up their pants...though they're wearing belts.

The town has been described as "proudly blue collar," and while I have Long Beach friends who say the city is rife with wealthy longshoremen (it's a port town), others say it's a gang-ridden ghetto. Aside from an excursion to see the haunted house of San Pedro, we decided to take a day trip to check it out. Parts of the city were, um, proudly blue collar, but it's rich with history and endless public exhibits:

The Korean Friendship Bell overlooks the sea

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
nasty, blind deep-sea fish
moon jellies - my favorite
fresh-caught seafood in Ports O'Call Village
The Fort MacArthur Museum - roaming the old miltary base

Red Car Trolley circa 1920's - $1 for the whole day!

San Pedro Maritime Museum
The largest, busiest port in the United States  - if it was made in Asia, it's sent here first!

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