From Gritty to Gorgeous: Ludis Extensions at Beauty on Robertson

Much ado has been made of Jennifer Aniston's hair. For two decades, we can say she was almost defined by it. It started with "The Rachel" and morphed over the years into a longer, blonder, beachier style. But the worst kept secret in town is out. She owes her tresses to hair extensions. And she's not the only one. From the Kardashian sisters to Beyonce, this glamorous upgrade is here to stay.

I wanted in on this trend, but was afraid to get my feet wet. You hear horror stories of cheap extensions gone wrong, or maybe I just watched Clueless one too many times. But these stories confirm what is true. You have to go for quality, and when you do, it's worth every penny. What better place to get gorgeous than Beverly Hills? What better product to use than top-of-the-line brand Ludis Charming Instinct? I stole away on Saturday to a Beverly Hills gem called Beauty on Robertson, and walked out a new woman.

Cold heat? I don't have to understand it to appreciate it!

Ludis uses real Indian hair,  which is so thick and silky, it made me insecure about my own tresses.  Beauty expert Denise Genova, the owner of Beauty on Robertson supplied a perfect color match with highlights to boot. As she worked me over in her gorgeous salon, many of my questions were answered. The extensions would not destroy my hair, as Ludis uses cold heat to seal the bonds. Also, my hair won't be "precious." I can brush my hair at liberty; the extensions won't slip out. I can blow-dry, flat-iron and curl my hair, so long as I avoid placing the heat tools on the tiny bonds.  No one will see the extensions if I put my hair up because Denise Genova is a master of disguise, knowing just where to place every strand. And fellow stylist Christina is the master at perfecting beachy waves.

Seriously getting my money's worth!

Last but not least was the fear of breaking the bank. But a few rows of extensions are just a few hundred dollars, and the hair looks great for up to 3-4 months. The full Monty can go from $700 - $1,500. But considering all that it entails, it seems only natural. I spent hours in the salon getting meticulously groomed as if I were royalty. And what better place to do it? Upon entering, you're offered hot coffee or gourmet teas, and can explore the gorgeous garden out back. But the best part is sitting in the mirror and watching yourself get hotter and hotter! It bears to mention that Denise Genova has also built a strong customer base due to her long-term pricing. It keeps them loyal, which is rare in an age where bargain hunters flock from one Groupon deal to the next.

Who wouldn't want to spend a few hours here?

All in all, I highly recommend a sexy summer upgrade with hair extensions. I'm a more glamorous version of myself. If you want it to look natural and shiny, use Ludis hair extensions, and if you want them done right, be on par with Hollywood's elite and and let Denise at Beauty on Robertson take care of you. I am one happy customer.


rebeccapatel said...

Love it! Your hair looks fantastic!

Sarahlizzy said...

It's a nice investment. Especially if you want to play with length without growing your hair forever.
Looks really good! And who doesn't want to be pampered??