Peacocks in Pasadena! SWEARS!

Yes I am defensive about this. No one believed me. While hiking the hills of Pasadena what did I see? A family of peacocks. Yep, just milling around someones front yard. No leashes, no gate - they weren't pets. I looked to my left. I looked to my right. I had no witnesses. I had no camera. So I just...stared.

I frantically I searched the Internet. Peacocks were native to India, and I wondered what they were doing "in the wild" here. At the time, info was scarce. I asked around, and some kindly old lady told me that a long time ago, some peacocks escaped the Los Angeles Arboretum in nearby Arcadia and began breeding in the wild. I should have gotten her name and number, for when I reported this to my friends, they told me I was dreaming. 

Not too long ago, tidbits starting tricking in online. This realtor calls Arcadia the "unofficial home of the wild peacock." This designer sells peacock feathers to help feed "the wild peacocks that graze the Pasadena foothills." And the clincher? BOOM!!! Arcadia Animal Control, fool!

The point: I am not crazy. Thank you.

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