MTV Awards Pre-Party...but who are these people?

I once believed that Hollywood lured all the crazies. But I recently discovered that Tinseltown has nothing on the music world.  I went to a music awards pre-party and saw dudes with outfits made from glued-on plastic gems, Elmer's oozing off the sleeves and dripping onto the bar. Wannabe groupies  in outdated rubber dresses, snapping their ankles in 6-inch platforms. Guys with Rockin' Like Dokken long hair, circa Sunset Strip 1987. Guru types with shaggy grey hair and white linen suits. And holy Corey Hart - so many people wearing sunglasses at night.

Benetton did not approve this message
budget Jiffypop Gaga
he's not a musician, but he's everywhere
While in Hollywood everyone strives to remain current, some people in the music scene (and I use the word 'scene' very loosely) become ensnared in very specific times in music history. For some, the world screeches to a halt once they find their favorite band, like Captain and Tennille. Or worse, their favorite song, like Kiss Me Deadly. And not in a cute vintage way. 

with the dudes from Confessions of a Superhero

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