You never see German restaurants around Los Angeles anymore. There's a great restaurant in Big Bear and a few generic Steer & Stein chains that make mild referece to mother Germany, but otherwise, the restaurants seem an old throwback to the 50's. I've seen a few great places closed down that have the dark wood and stucco look of South Germany, and it's a shame Los Angeles lost the much-needed interesting architecture.

These days, if you want killer beer and sausages, you need to hit up the sleeker joints. Case in point? Wurstuche in downtown Los Angeles has a formidable beer list and specialty sausages to inspire shock and awe, such as Rattlesnake Rabbit Jalapeno and Alligator and Pork. This may not be classic German fare, but the quality of the menu would impress people from any country. Besides, it beats the Steer and Stein chains, filled with screaming babies in high chairs and watered down coleslaw. Did I mention that Wurstuche serves truffle fries? If Germany doesn't do that, well then they should.

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