In Defense of the Jersey Shore

No, not the Jersey Shore that was stolen by Snooki and The Situation. My Jersey Shore doesn't involve flammable hair or clothing.

Not only has that crew taken Italians another 50 years back, but they detract from a classic American retreat. One of the best things about L.A. is getting out of L.A. and the Jersey Shore has always been a warm respite every July. We rent a house right on the water, and the days are filled with summer reading on the beach, fresh tomatoes from the Garden State's many roadside stands, late breakfasts, volleyball, coconut-scented sun tan lotion, body surfing and grilling dinner on the deck. It's Ralph Lauren, not Baby Phat. Hamptons not Hooters. And I have posted pictures to prove it. So there.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures are beautiful and you couldn't be more right when it concerns Jersey Shore. Used to go out there when I lived in NY but the Guido's and Guidettes really do exist in Staten Island! :)