Hollywood-Inspired Roadtrip #2 - The Amityville Horror House!

Whether or not you believe the Lutz family's claims of hauntings and paranormal activity in their Amityville home (allegations that inspired the Amityville Horror film), one cannot deny that the place holds a sordid place in American history.

Before the Lutz family moved in, the Dutch Colonial home sat vacant for 18 months. Why? Six members of the DeFeo family were slain in their beds when they occupied the house beforehand. People claim that the Lutz family lied about the house's alleged haunting, but one cannot overlook the fact that they hightailed it out of that place just 28 days after moving in. Anyone who knows what a pain moving is can tell you that's a sure sign there was some funny business going on.

My friends and I drove to the Amityville house one night. I was saddened to see they replaced the iconic fan-shaped windows that seemed like eyes staring out. I suppose when they made that house habitable again those windows would be the first thing to go. Then it was painted white, among other minor tweaks. But the bones are still the same.

When trying to leave the neighborhood, we got lost in the winding streets and drove in circles for a couples of minutes. For the sake of adventure, we really looked into it.

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