Now THAT'S a Party

Los Angeles is the perfect town to throw a party. Unlike the cloistered labyrinth of New York City, it's harder to annoy our neighbors. We have the privacy of mountain roads and quiet canyons. On the edge of our continent sit rows of bungalows set against the deafening crash of the surf, allowing us make like Elvis Costello and Pump It Up.

I missed the party where Matthew McConaughey apparently played a game of naked all-male Twister, the one (and I suspect one of many) where Winona Ryder got loopy and broke into hysterics and the oft-whispered of party when P-Diddy was allegedly caught in a compromising position with another guy in a hotel bedroom at a raucous party on the Sunset Strip. I'm not one to start rumors, but I was about one or two people removed from seeing the shenanigans myself, and that annoys me.

For all of you out there hearing the crazy rumors from parties you missed, be it a Greek mixer or abusive office party, you can always get a peek into the sick shindigs you missed (or glad you missed) on Now That's a Motherfucking Party.