The Dark Underbelly of the Comedian

I once dated a stand-up comic and everything they say is true. Not what the comics say themselves, but what people say about dating them. That clown mask hides some serious issues. And if you're really messed up, you have the potential to make every relationship a total drama (and I mean Carmen Electra drama), which naturally supplies a lifetime of material. My level-headed friend Darren is a talented writer for The Soup, and even he says you can't be a great comedy writer without some form of neurosis.

That would explain why there are so many bad sitcoms - the writers are too damned emotionally balanced. That and people are base enough to be tickled by The New Adventures of Old Christine.

If you want to be exposed to comedic genius for free without leaving the house, hit up Picture War. Dueling comedian friends Stirling Gardener and Matt Kaye continue to blog back and forth with the most hideous and shocking images you will come across on the web. Even if they do lift a lot from Awkward Family Photos.

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gina valencia ramsey said...

Sick! Is that tat for real? I shuddered...