How to Understand Rap (...If You Have To)

What would the state of hip hop be without Los Angeles? East Coast gangsta rappers, please don't shoot me for asking. I'm from D.C., really. If you do shoot me, shoot me for hating your awful music.

But I digress. Los Angeles brought us Cypress Hill, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eazy E and Snoop Dogg. Though I like Snoop Dogg, I'm more of an old school fan, and dig stuff like DJ Cool and The Digital Underground. One of the drawbacks is understanding the music. Whether dancing at a club or working it out at a karaoke bar, knowing the lyrics really helps.

Fear no more. We now have understand rap, a trusty little website dedicated to helping you realize your dream of sitting on a gaudy purple fur throne and grimacing with a mouth full of gold teeth. Go on, unleash your inner homegirl. Or homeboy. Whatever.

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