Summer is NOT over

Capri, Italy - August 2011
Summer is NOT over. Summer is NOT over. It's a mantra I repeat as Indian Summer approaches. It all started during a Labor Day party we threw years ago. After the sliced watermelon, fireworks, water balloon fight and endless Negra Modelo, each of our guests walked away with a jade plant in a pot that read, "Summer is NOT over."

bike riding in Venice beach with Dawn Kohn & Kim Burke-Connors
I can feel my East Coast counterparts rolling their eyes. I know what they're thinking. What do I know of the sadness of summer being over? In Los Angeles, I won't have to deal with frozen windshields and bare trees. But aside from the subtle Californian cues from Mother Nature that summer is indeed over, the cultural cues inundate daily life. Back-to-school media is everywhere, the sun sets before I can finish hiking Fryman Canyon, and most importantly: the September issue of Vogue sits on my nightstand. January may be the new year on the calendar, but every woman knows that fall fashion is where we make a fresh new start on the year.
training the grapevines and bougainvillea

Pisa, Italy - August 2011
Am I ready for it? No. Why? Because I don't have to be. Summer is NOT over. But since it actually is, I've decided to share some of my favorite moments during this glorious season. This post is more personal than my others, but this summer was very special. We feel blessed and I can't help but share. Enjoy!

Xai Verandah, Sunset Strip


breaking into creepy Bottle Village, Simi Valley, CA
Rome! Carbs!
VIP pass at Six Flags Magic Mountain - A.K.A. Wally World!

gigantic cruise ship on the Mediterannean, with 3 sick water slides!


Capri, post-espresso pre-gelato

Sorrento, post-Limoncello

Hiking with the dogs, Griffith Park


Cava, Palm Springs

Blackjack, craps, roulette and Davinci's Mystery!

boating off the Amalfi Coast

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