Spanish Love Affair

"That's so racist!" is my usual response when receiving an invite for an event geared towards the advancement of one race and one race only. However, I do embrace invites that celebrate a race's culture. And by culture, I mean an open bar and good food. So when I received a recent invite to an event about Latinos in media, the response went something like, "That's so rac...tacos?"

Not only was this party a celebration of Latino culture, but there were thoughtful discussions on Latinos in media today; how they are represented in TV and movies, Nielson ratings and more. I learned a lot. 

so much booze, you need a ladder
Playa Restaurant threw the bash, and their chic restaurant was decked with a floor-to-ceiling wine rack, a floor-to-ceiling bar with a library-like sliding ladder for bartenders, and light fixtures that looked like space age Muppets. They served lobster ceviche on homemade potato chips, chipotle caviar, quesadillas and asparagus cream soup with bacon. 

Best of all, their signature cocktails were made with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. They squeezed a rain forest of delights into our glasses. 

jungle juice, redefined

In order of importance:

Spanish Love Affair
vodka, red bell pepper, basil, lemon and agave nectar

Street Fighter
white rum, coconut cream, turmeric, pineapple and mint


Diving Bell
Single Village Mezcal, English gin, lime, falernum, caramelized pineapple gomme, yuzu and cayenne pepper

how many turmeric-wielding bartenders do you know?

drinking pure culture

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