Girls Who Take Too Many Pictures of Themselves

We've all been there, though this problem is especially rampant in Los Angeles. When trying to enjoy a meal at a restaurant you're distracted by the repeated flashing of bulbs at the adjacent table. A small group of girls (it's always girls) take repeated photos of themselves in various poses, hoping to grab a flattering shot for their Facebook pages. Usually, these girls update their photos once a week.

Multiple-self-photo-takers usually have the arm shot in the corner, a telltale sign that no other human has the patience to deal with their vanity.

A series of shots may include:

"Us holding up our margarita glasses!"
"Us making pouting kissy-faces!"
"Me grabbing my friend's boob because I'm soooooo crazy!"
"Me holding a cherry in my teeth!"
...and so on.

Thank God for Random Creepy Guy, sneaking into the background to ruin the photos of multiple-self-photo-takers. In the long run, he'll hopefully reducing that blinding flash that lashes at you in dark bars while enjoying cocktails, restaurants, and if you are a Random Creepy Guy yourself, at the Anime covention.

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rebeccapatel said...

Uh oh, I think I'm one of these girls. Oh and the random creepy guy...YOURS!